Pinehurst Funday 2018

As every year we were running the Pinehurst Funday on the Circle in cooperation with Pinehurst Initiative Forum with support from Wiltshire Community Foundation, Department of Culture Media & Sport and the Big Lottery Fund.

After weeks of planning we started setting up on Friday morning that everything will be ready for Saturday afternoon. After hours and hours of setting up marquees and gazebos we finished late on Friday evening to be up and outside by 7am on Saturday to set the last bits up and coordinate where things like the bouncy castles, rides, animals or the live music should be. Because the Funday was featured by at least 25 groups that came and set up stalls or workshops a lot of people arrived who wanted to know where they can set up their stuff.

After all that was done the actual Funday started at 1pm on the Saturday and people started to come in masses because of the brilliant weather and all the activities and rides which were mostly for free. Some individual highlights that people pointed out to us were the animals from (insert farm name) and all the inflatables like a massive slide or the gladiator.

Around 5pm we finished and everyone was exhausted by the good weather and all the fun we had, which would’ve not been possible without all the amazing help that we got from local volunteers who help us each year to run this incredible event.

Even though we started to pack away it wasn’t all over, we left the big marquee out to have a sing-a-long showing of “The Greatest Showman” which was absolutely amazing loads of people stayed longer to enjoy themselves while hitting the tunes or not but definitely with popcorn and a brilliant movie.

Afterwards quite a few people helped us to clear up the circle that everything was ready for all the fun that happened on the Sunday after, but this is another story…

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