Messy Saturday – Messy Olympics

Once a month we host our version of the messy church movement called Messy Saturday. And each year in the summer we host a special one, the “Messy Olympics”

Messy Olympics is different to all the other ones during the year, because we don’t have craft activities to join in, we have games. Loads of team games where team competes against team and a big head-to-head game for all teams at the same time as finish. Normally we have some kind of celebration and a meal at the end. This year we had a BBQ with Burgers and ice cream afterwards – yummy 🙂

But winning isn’t just winning, this year the teams got judged on their performance as a team, obviously without them knowing, so it wasn’t very important who could transport the most amount of water with some guttering, who scored the most points at battleships, who moved the cup the quickest or which team could throw a water balloon the furthest and catch it again (both with a towel). It was important which team did all this well AND worked the best as a team.

But before we came to read out the scores, we had our final head to head relay race.

Who was able to transport the biggest amount of water with a cup on their head (which had holes in) from one bucket to another through an obstacle course…? Obviously it all escalated into a massive water fight where barely anyone got spared. The good thing though, we had such a good weather, that you were kind of dry after 10 minutes.

It was all very good fun, a delicious BBQ and a brilliant last Messy Saturday for our interns Naomi and Valentin (who obviously got soaked as well 😉 )