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If someone would ask to sum up our work at Swindon Academy in one word, it would be very difficult to answer, because we’re doing so many different things. It starts with the lunch breaks, when we either walk around school and talk to people or we open the faith room and wait for young people to come and play funny games with us or just talk about everything they want to talk about. Before Christmas we set up PowerPoint slides with pictures of Nativity scenes from all around the world and just asked people what they think about it. We had Homelessness awareness project (see header picture) as well, which looked like us letting sleeping bags randomly appear around school in combination with signs talking about homelessness issues. Right now? Right now, we’re running on Thursdays an after school alpha course. Besides that, we’re helping out at the local ‘Young carers’ group every Tuesday fortnight after school, where we play games and let the Kids just be Kids. Connected to that we had a young carers awareness day, to raise awareness and donations for the young carers here at ‘Swindon Academy’. Much more to come!

Update: On Tuesdays in period four Naomi helps out in Drama lessons and Valentin in RE lessons.

Update: In cooperation with other students Valentin was helping out and teaching ballroom dancing to students for events like ‘gym and dance’ at the Wyvern