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Alpha at Swindon Academy

We started running youth alpha at the beginning of the January term. The first session didn’t go quite as planned as we only had one young person turn up. So, we prayed a lot after this session that we would get more people and that they we would really engage in what we were doing. On the second session we had six young people turn up which was great! The group went well. One of the young people even gave his life to Jesus at the end of the session which was amazing! We can’t wait to see how god is going to move among these young people in the coming weeks.

Update: In the following weeks, we had good conversations about faith and how we can apply the bible and a christian belief to modern life. We saw young people changing their attitudes towards all different aspects of life and we made them think about how they can be a good influence in their environment.

We also went on a overnighter in Wroughton but more about that in another blog post 🙂

Update: We’re finished with the actual videos provided by alpha, but we keep on running with games, food and something to keep on thinking about, because christian faith is something that needs community and can’t be lived alone.


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