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Have a look about what’s going on and where you’d like to join.


A open youth session where everyone is invited to come, we play games, do some crafts, we have a pool table, a table tennis, a table football and always something to eat during the session. If your interested come along, every Wednesday at Pinetrees Community Centre. 6 – 7.10pm for year 6 – 8 students and 7.20-8.30pm for year 9 – 11 students.

Don’t forget to bring a friend along.

shineyouth is a youth group happening at Simon’s house normally every Friday fortnight. We do all kinds of stuff, games, treasure hunts, sports, chatting and more. If you want to know when the dates are please get in contact with us and we’ll provide you with the important information.

Please do mind that we would appreciate a donation of £1 to pay for the resources and the food we provide every session.

At shine breakfast we want to explore faith together and try to get a new perspective and new ideas on how church and community can look like.

We meet every other Sunday morning with a joint breakfast at Beechtrees next to Swindon Academy. If you’d like to come around please do so, If you would let us know beforehand it would be a great help for us to buy enough food.



Once a month we meet up together and explore faith in the possibly most messy way ever. The first hour is full with fun and definitely messy activities afterwards we have a short talk to dig a little bit deeper into the months theme and because community was one of the major aspects of Jesus’ teaching we have a meal all together.

It is completely free but we’re happy for any donations 🙂 If you want to come along it would be very helpful to let us know beforehand so that we can plan the meal for enough people. Every age is welcomed to come.


The Funday is a massive event happening on the circle in Pinehurst once a year in cooperation with multiple partners. Each year about 5000 people come around to just enjoy theirselves and have a good time. 

Please do come around and join in with all the others.

If you want to help, please do get in contact, we can use very help we can get.

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