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Every year in July we have to say goodbye to our Gap years and its always hard to see people go. This year was no exception as we said farewell…

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Pinehurst Funday 2018

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As every year we were running the Pinehurst Funday on the Circle in cooperation with Pinehurst Initiative Forum with support from Wiltshire Community Foundation, Department of Culture Media & Sport…

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Messy Saturday – Messy Olympics

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Once a month we host our version of the messy church movement called Messy Saturday. And each year in the summer we host a special one, the "Messy Olympics" Messy…

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ABC – Week

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Because working with Swindon Academy is a part of what we do, because we are the Chaplaincy team there, we help out with ABC - Week. It is a week…

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If someone would ask to sum up our work at Swindon Academy in one word, it would be very difficult to answer, because we’re doing so many different things. It…

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Alpha at Swindon Academy

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We started running youth alpha at the beginning of the January term. The first session didn’t go quite as planned as we only had one young person turn up. So,…

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New website and blog

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Finally we managed to get our website and blog up and running. Our website will contain all the crucial information you need to get in touch with us and to…

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Carols on the Circle

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On Friday the 22nd December we had our annual Carols by candle light on the circle. Valentin led the service and local Vicar Nick Lines gave a short talk. We had…

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Christmas parties

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“Have you been nice or naughty this year?” This question was not asked just once at the Christmas parties hosted by ‘Bridge the Gap’. About 140 people came around to…

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shine youth in Oxford

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On Tuesday the 19th December Naomi and Valentin took a group of 6 young people to Oxford for the day. After a long and very funny bus trip we arrived…

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